The goal is a portrait series with 333 photo. 333 portraits of people from the street. There is no prior consultation, makeup, hair stylist and staff. No studio-lightning, no location arrangement. Only one camera, one subject and the photographer spending a couple minutes together. Most of the pictures are results of spontaneous encounters. Walking down the street I ask people to give me one of their moments as a gift. At the end left only one name, one country they come from and one look.

Hana from Netherland
Ailec from Cuba
Rosie from Spain
Minana from Spain
Maria from Kolumbia
Dorka from Hungary
Gloria from Germany
Yisharek from Etiopia
Estefania from Spain
Lina from Singapore
Azahara from Madeira
Tünde from Hungary
Korinna from Hungary
Zsuzsanna from Hungary
Araya from Venezuela
Lucrecia from Italy
Miguela from Italy
Sol from Spain
Sheila from Spain
Patricia from Spain
Alica from Spain
Renche from Filipina
Alexandra from Germany
Eunkyung from South Korea
Estefania from Italy
Ana from Ukraine
Gara from Canary Islands
Johanna from Germany